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  3. Can I change my channel’s name?

  4. Can I change the way my albums are ordered on my channel?

  5. Can I control the price for my albums and/or individual tracks?

  6. Can I control what percentage each payee receives?

  7. Can I request a manual payout?

  8. Can I view an archived list of my published news posts?

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  12. How do I access my channel settings?

  13. How Do I access my channel’s analytics?

  14. How do I add a featured slideshow to my channel’s home page?

  15. How do I add a new Chain Lyynk post?

  16. How do I add a News post to my channel?

  17. How do I add links to social media accounts on my channel?

  18. How do I add media to my news post?

  19. How do I add merchandise items to my channel?

  20. How do I add new emails and/or import email lists?

  21. How do I add payees to my channel?

  22. How do I add tags to my merchandise items?

  23. How do I change my channel’s color theme?

  24. How do I change tiers?

  25. How do I control the contact information displayed on my channel?

  26. How do I create a subscriber list for my email campaigns?

  27. How do I create an album on my channel?

  28. How do I create and send mass emails using my Lyynks Music account?

  29. How do I delete merchandise from my channel?

  30. How do I delete payees?

  31. How do I display a lineup for an upcoming festival?

  32. How do I display a logo on my channel?

  33. How do I display artists on my record label channel?

  34. How do I display sponsor and partner logos on my festival channel?

  35. How do I edit a photo gallery?

  36. How do I edit an existing subscriber list?

  37. How do I edit merchandise items on my channel?

  38. How do I edit my channel’s background image?

  39. How do I edit my channel’s layout and design?

  40. How do I edit the photos of my Featured Slideshow?

  41. How do I hide my Chain Lyynk feed from fans?

  42. How do I know if my channel is visible to my fans?

  43. How do I make my album available for rent?

  44. How do I post a bio to my channel?

  45. How do I publish a photo gallery on my channel?

  46. How do I publish a video gallery on my channel?

  47. How do I rearrange the order of videos on my channel?

  48. How do I remove a Chain Lyynk post?

  49. How do I remove an album from my channel?

  50. How do I remove an asset from my library?

  51. How do I rename an image?

  52. How do I rename my track titles?

  53. How do I replace my profile image?

  54. How do I report sales to Nielsen SoundScan?

  55. How do I schedule a news post for the future?

  56. How do I search for specific assets in my Content Manager?

  57. How do I tag my assets?

  58. How do I track my merchandise sales?

  59. How do I update my channel’s basic information?

  60. How do I update my tier billing information?

  61. How do I update the order status of a merchandise item?

  62. How do I upload assets to my channel?

  63. How do I view my channel’s order history?

  64. How do I view my channel’s revenue?

  65. How many email blasts can I send?

  66. How many payees can I add to my channel?

  67. In what order will my photo galleries display on my channel?

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  78. What analytics information is available to me?

  79. What is rent to own?

  80. What is the News feature?

  81. When will I receive a payout?

  82. Where are my albums displayed?

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